Diamond is the most valuable of all stones. It is known for its flawless quality. You should be familiar with the four C's of diamond buying. These are cut color and clarity. These four factors help you to determine the value of a diamond.

An engagement ring can be considered a valuable and expensive piece of jewelry. An engagement ring is a symbol of your love. That is why many couples choose to have diamond rings. You can buy beautiful ladies’ diamond wedding bands from https://www.luxegemmes.com/collections/bands

An affordable and perfect engagement ring can make that moment unforgettable. It is therefore important to choose the right ring.

It is important to know the 4Cs of diamonds before you shop for an engagement ring. These 4Cs are cut, color clarity, carat, and clarity. Here's a quick description of the 2 most affordable and popular engagement rings :

Round-Shaped Brilliant Diamond:- To create a brilliant diamond, it takes 58 facet cuttings. The crown, girdle, and pavilion are the three main cuts. The crown is adorned with a large diamond of the desired carat. The largest part of the girdle is the longest. The size of the diamond will determine its width.

Oval Shaped Diamond:- This design is second in popularity when it comes to engagement rings. It gives anyone a refined, elegant, and classy look. For ladies with small hands or fingers, the oval-shaped diamond is best.

This shape makes fingers appear long and attractive. It is well-known for its brilliant reflection of light with each hand stroke. This is the ideal option if you're looking for a classic and elegant diamond shape.