Before planning a stable implementation of ERP software in the main process, each company needs an honest assessment of its specific needs. By far, this is the most important factor to consider before choosing an ERP solution. 

While there are many reasons to choose ERP business software in most companies, the final solution relies on an objective assessment of high business requirements and time commitment. 

Therefore, price should not be a selection criterion for ERP software, but rather there should be other criteria which include software operating costs, features, ease of use, flexibility, training and support, proximity, server-based deployment or running the system. 

After getting an overview of the company and its software requirements, it is necessary to carefully evaluate each software considered and how it meets the company's needs. It is highly recommended that you list the pros and cons of the appropriate software. This helps companies narrow down their options and select only the best solutions.

Business-tailored demonstrations provide a clearer picture of what an ERP solution can offer and make it easier for owners to choose the most suitable solution.

While implementing ERP certainly requires an upfront cost, choosing the right solution that will make your business more efficient and productive than ever is also a matter of life and death.