Game Ball is a relatively old kids' game. In the ball game, children can not only train the strength of the wrist, but also use the ability of the hand to control direction, improve spy coordination, and improve the ability of rapid response children. Characteristics of rebound ball allow children to think and understand the direction of changes in things', and improve the ability of children to predict the direction of motion.

After learning children run independently, they need to fulfill the development and formation of sophisticated motor skills, such as jumping, imitating body movements, catch balls, leaps of rope, etc. The improvement and exercise of children's motor skills require parents' guidance and do a set of scientific training programs in line with children's development characteristics in accordance with the physical characteristics of children. Many parents also order online now high-quality bouncing balls for kids for better development of kids.

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The following are some basic ball games for parents to develop children's intelligence.

Catch The Ball:

Keep certain distances from the child, and remove the ball gently to him, push the child to catch him. At first, you can hold the child's hand to help him catch the ball to give him a sense of achievement and stimulate his interest in the game. After several practices, push the child to solve it. Helps train child hand coordination and rapid response-ability.

Rebound Ball:

On the basis of the above practice, you can first let the ball rebound on the ground and then let the child catch. Helps improve the coordination of children's eyes and lets them have certain predictions about the direction of changing motion.