Years of drinking red wine, tea and coffee, or smoking can lead to a build up of stains on your teeth. A gorgeous white smile will make you look and feel more attractive. This report takes a look at several of the most frequent forms of teeth whitening. The cedar creek dental provide you the best root canal treatment in Portland at very good price.

Custom Tray Whitening

Custom tray whitening involves using a kit which you have to use regularly at home. Dentists are able to prescribe a stronger concentration of whitening gel, which has the capability to whiten the teeth by up to 6 shades. The kit is typically worn anywhere from one week to two weeks at particular times throughout the day.

In-Surgery Laser Whitening

In surgery whitening is a popular method because it provides an instantaneous outcome. A protective dam is used to protect the mouth and gums, and then a dentist will apply some strong peroxide gel directly onto the teeth. This type of whitening is able to whiten the teeth by up to six shades.

Whitening Strips

You place the strips on your bottom and top teeth, and then leave them on for a set amount of time. They can normally whiten the teeth by up to four shades if used over a period of time. Some people experience sensitivity when using this type of whitening.