As you begin to learn the fundamentals of the golf game, here are quick golf tips that cover the basics of the golf swing including ball position, backswing tips, and downswing golf. Practice these golf tips regularly and you will be ready to play your best golf!

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Ball Position Golf Tips

To hit a clean iron stroke, you have to hit the golf ball down. The golf ball must be positioned correctly relative to your stance. So, to hit a hard iron punch, position your body so that the golf ball:

1. In the center of your stand for shorter irons including 8, 9, and wedges

2. Center-forward golf balls for center irons, including 5, 6, and 7 irons

3. Two golf balls forward from the center of the farway club, including the 3 and 5 stick and the hybrid club

4. Three golf balls forward from the center for your driver

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Full swing golf tips

Swing back

As you swing, roll your racket, arms, and body back together and transfer your weight to the inside of your right leg. Let your wrists hang as they approach waist height.

At the top of the swing, make sure your left arm is straight, most of your weight is on the inside of your right leg, and your right knee is bent. Your shoulders should rotate 90 degrees at the top of your swing while your thighs rotate 30 to 45 degrees.


As you begin to descend, shift your weight to the left. Your hips, arms, and shoulders will naturally follow this weight shift and relax in the impact position. When hitting, make sure your head is behind the ball.

Continue to rotate your body after the impact so that your arm and racket reach the target after the impact (free position).