Laser hair removal is becoming increasingly more popular in Australia. Do laser services permanently remove hair? What are the negative aspects of laser hair removal? Is it worth getting laser hair removal done? Is it something for women only? Read on to learn the answers to these questions. 

Laser hair removal services have high success rates in permanently reducing hair by slowing or eliminating the growth rate. Reducing or removing hair ultimately depends on the hair growth patterns of the individual, as some people’s hair will be more stubborn than others. 

Laser hair removal can have some negatives. These include the occasional adverse reaction. Minor discomfort and redness may occasionally be experienced. Depending on the individual’s genetics and hair growth rate, some may not experience the desired results. This will result in either more appointments being needed or the person giving up. 

laser hair removal

On that basis, some may think it is not worth it to get laser hair removal. However, the vast majority of people will see an improvement in the amount of body hair after just a few sessions. The cost is determined by the area of the body being treated. Treatments can range from $15 to $100 per area. In general, a minimum of 6 sessions will be needed. 

Laser hair removal can be used by both men and women. Men may require more sessions due to the way their hair grows. 

Laser hair removal success rates will be determined by the nature of the hair of the individual. People can expect to see results after just a few sessions, however, a minimum of 6 sessions is recommended per area, for both men and women.