School software is a paperless office automation solution for modern schools. Eduzu provides the ability to carry out daily school activities, which makes it fast, easy, efficient and accurate.

Eduzu is a state-of-the-art facilities management application that allows schools to manage complex functions such as costs, results, attendance, library, inventory, schedules, human resources, student management, notifications, documents, transportation, smart ID and certificate creation, online examinations under one shell.

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1) BETTER MANAGEMENT: From enrollment to graduation. Save paper, time and effort by providing intuitive digital tools to register, follow, and organize student information comprehensively.

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By simplifying back office operations, we enable your administrators to manage their school more efficiently and give them valuable time to focus on student needs and growth.

2) STUDENT GROWTH: This allows teachers and administrators to use real-time data and analysis to tailor lessons to school.

We help teachers understand where students' strengths and weaknesses lie by illustrating what areas or standards they do not control, so that teachers can identify real-time growth data to tailor instruction for students, classes, classes and schools, Encourage student engagement and promote growth.

Help students understand their own learning: show your progress, provide real-time feedback and results, and encourage engagement to learn through content and assignments.

Meanwhile, parents take advantage of the transparency of their child's assignments, assessments by seeing their child's learning, growth, and weaknesses in real-time.

As a result, parents can effectively support their children outside of grade.