The black truffle has long been a symbol of high quality, luxury. In fact, the word truffle comes from the French term "trache" for sea. These little beauties are known worldwide to be the most expensive truffles in the world. It's no wonder that it captures the heart of the rich and famous. That is why black truffle salt is a very popular seasoning on top of many appetizers and baked menu items.

While there are many forms of black truffle salt available, the most well-known product is crystal salt. This is the form used in Europe. Here are some more of the world's most popular black truffle salts:

Cayenne. This is a spicy black truffle salt with a kick. Very good for Mexican and Italian cuisines. Not to be confused with Mexican chili powder, this is a separate seasoning. Some people like the combination of the hot pepper and the salty flavor of the sea salt. If you are one of them, then you should really try this seasoning.

Fennel. This is another favorite black truffle salt. Originally from the Netherlands, fennel was favored in Italy. Fennel has a wonderful nutty flavor. It goes great with tomato sauces.

Cardamom. Sometimes known as black truffle dijon, this is a very spicy version of the typical cardamom from India. Some claim it tastes like black pepper, while others love the nutty aftertaste. Again, it goes well with tomato-based dishes.

Cloves. Like the fennel, clove contains an enzyme that deactivates histamine. Some researchers also believe that cloves contain substances that protect cells from free radical damage. Adding black truffle sea salt to your dish certainly enhances the flavors of these fruits.

Pumpkin. This one is actually quite healthy. It has been said that eating pumpkin seeds can help prevent colon cancer. Adding black truffle sea salt to your pumpkin soup or stew can add a wonderful flavor to your next pumpkin pie!

Clearly, black truffle makes a wonderful addition to any recipe. But do keep in mind that it is high in iron so be sure not to overdo it and top your meals with too much of it. Also, black truffle sea salt can help bring out the natural flavors of certain foods you love. So next time you go shopping for truffles, remember that salt is not the only thing that adds great flavor.

Cheese. There are many different kinds of cheese that make great truffle alternatives. The sharp cheddar one is one of the most popular and goes great with sea salt, saffron, and pumpkin seeds. If you're worried about the amount of fat in the cheese contain, you should know that there is none. On the other hand, if you're a fan of blue cheese, you might want to look for a brand that does not use artificial additives to enhance the color.

Wine. The blend of red and white grapes used in making black truffle are known to have a higher content of minerals like iron and calcium compared to other grapes. These minerals enhance the taste of the black truffle. Pair it with a rich red wine to experience its taste for yourself.

Herbs. Most people are familiar with basil, eucalyptus, and parsley but there are a lot more herbs that can be included into a dish to make it look more delectable. If you love basil, you can grind it and add it to soups, stews, and chutneys. If you love eucalyptus, you can buy ground scented leaves and have them included in your dishes as well.

Salt. Black truffles are best enjoyed when they are served cold. They can also be enjoyed when they are at room temperature if the desired salty feeling is achieved by the garnishing. Salts like rock salt will give your dish that salty taste while table salt won't have the same effect because it will turn the liquid inside the truffles.

For the perfect truffle, head straight to France. France has long been a place where people come to enjoy exquisite meals. If you go there, make sure you visit the chateau of Versailles. This is the ultimate home of black truffles and the resting place for many of the world's most famous chefs. You can try some of their specialty dishes such as the "Claustre au Chapeau" (clause is French for chair) – this is a very delicious and extravagant meal that has black truffle, truffles, and caviar. You should also try other French dishes such as brie cheese fondue, pasty pommes frites, as well as their famous "suitcases" – these are very easy to make and will only take about an hour or so tops.