They may look the same but hair-cutting capes come in different materials and levels of quality. The age-old tenet of price equals quality may not always be true.

There are reasonably priced hair cutting capes that have great quality and there are also expensive best hair cutting capes that don’t have to stand the test of time.

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You do not need to compromise quality for the price. There are numerous options available in the market and they seem to offer the same features.

Browsing the selections available online can be overwhelming. Don’t fall into the habit of selecting the first one you find, based on the look or price. Look around and make sure to consider these five important things when buying hair cutting capes:

Stay on budget. You need to first compare prices. Most of the time, there are better deals or great brands that are only available online. Also, manage your expectations. You can’t expect really high-quality capes if your budget is on the lower end of the average hair-cutting cape price range.

Don’t compromise important features over price. Ask yourself: why is this hair-cutting cape cheaper than the others? Why is this one more expensive? It is important to stay on your budget but sometimes, you’ll end up spending more after snagging a cheap deal.

A hair cutting cape may be cheaper because the materials are not good quality– a feature that is vital for hair cutting capes. The same goes for high-priced cutting capes that sacrifice functionality for appearance.

Low maintenance. You’ll want a washable and hair-repellent hair-cutting cape. This may not be apparent during the buying process, but not all hair-cutting cape materials stand the test of time. Do your research.