In the present world of sky-scraping competition, enterprises offering quality products to its customers stay ahead in the rat race. Human Resource Management is an important aspect of an enterprise. It is significant for facilitating communication and development of healthy relations with /among company's employees. The workforce files are evaluated by a company's Human Resource Department. In simple terms, Human Resource Management involves administration of the human resources of an enterprise.

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The HRM department is headed by a human resource manager. He implements all the strategies to manage human resources of a company to make it a feasible system. The manager of the HR department of a company is a professional who possess brilliant skills of communication that makes him versatile and unbiased. He forms a valuable part of the enterprise.

Human resource manager provide several functions such as it Monitors systems and suggests ideas for expansion. Hr manager also implements policies which are specific to an enterprise. He/she sticks to the rules and regulations of labour law. Apart from this a HR manager Carries out assessment of employees. Taking care of business strategies of the company are implemented by him as well. Also he encourages skill development programs for the employees and represents the company's HR department.

The business world has experienced changes in the past few decades. So, the department of Human resource management needs to upgrade itself regularly to adjust to the changing situations. It can help a company to build up a group of exceptionally brilliant and dedicated workers. The HR department aids the company to keep up with the legislation. Adhering to the rules and regulations is important for it.