The presence of water in a compressed air system is very detrimental to the entire system. Water in the system damages pipes, valves, and even causes foreign airlines to freeze. If there is water in the compressed air system, a compressor dryer is required to remove the water.

The most commonly used dryer is the refrigerator. You can also browse to buy the best-refrigerated air dryers.

Refrigerated Air Dryer

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The refrigeration dryer has two separate functions, the first is to use the exhaled air to cool the incoming warm air and to prevent condensation by increasing the temperature of the outgoing air. 

The new compressors are manufactured with a dryer integrated into the compressor. They have mixed reviews and are yet to gain popularity among consumers. While these are the main types of air compressor dryers used, others are available.

A defrost dryer is a pressure vessel with a tablet or powder at the bottom that slowly dissolves in the liquid as it absorbs water from the air compressor. After all the energy is converted to liquid, the pressure vessel is emptied and another tablet is inserted. 

Hot air compressor dryers are easy to use and are great for remote work or workers moving to other jobs. Another type of air compressor dryer also uses a pressure vessel but uses a substance such as silica gel.

These dryers are specially used for processes and tools that require only dry air. This includes some truck braking systems, air tools, and paint tools that require compressed air.