There are two basic types of high-efficiency toilets that you can choose from. The first being a low flush toilet that meets or exceeds the 1.28 gallons per flush each time they are used regardless of whether you are flushing liquid or solid waste. Most major toilet manufacturers make these toilets and they look like any other toilet. You can get more information on the high-efficiency toilets via

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The second type of toilet is called a dual flush toilet. These are toilets that typically have two levers or buttons on the toilet which allows for different amounts of water to be used depending on what you are flushing.

The toilets have one lever or button to do a “half flush” or typically 0.8 gallons (depending on the manufacturer) when flushing liquid waste. The other lever or button allows for a “full flush” or typically 1.6 gallons (depending on the manufacturer) when flushing solid waste.

There is also a retrofit product manufactured by Aquanotion that enables you to change out the lever on your existing toilet. This product is only for a left-front handled toilet tank, so make sure you visit the manufacturer’s site to see if it will work for you.

To help you offset the cost of a new toilet, many jurisdictions offer a rebate program if you meet their specifications when replacing toilets in your homes. Check with your local jurisdiction to see if you may qualify.