Skipping is an intense activity that can help build bone strength. The act of skipping, especially when you do the more advanced moves which means your shoes require lateral stability to provide support on your feet. 

Skipping rope is beneficial for your fitness and shed weight. It’s so efficient in burning calories that a half hour of rope skipping can cause you to burn more than 1000 calories. 

The great aspect about this exercise is that once you get started skipping, you can learn quickly, and within a short time, you’ll be skipping like an adult.  You can buy professional skipping ropes online and best jump ropes at Splay (UK) Limited at reasonable prices.

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Skipping increases flexibility and athletic capabilities. It increases your balance, reflexes and posture. It helps to tone the muscles of your arms as well as legs and abs.

Without running, you can increase your heart rate with the help of skipping rope. It needs an enormous amount of energy in order to keep a healthy fitness level.

The best practice is to keep changing the way you skip each 30 seconds to keep from getting tired. You can also do side skipping or rotating the rope without jumping. This is a great way to warm up before the beginning, or to prevent any stoppages in the set.