Contrary to popular belief flying on a commercial jetliner can be extremely safe. However, aviophobia (fear of flying) is a serious condition. This sentence will not help you.

A study by the Valk Foundation found that approximately 40% of people have some anxiety about flying. Fear of flying is often a result of other fears such as fear of heights, crowds, and claustrophobia. You can join the best fear of flying course via

Flying is one of the safest modes of transport. More than 3 million people fly around every day, and there are no accidents. More than a billion people flew around the globe in 2000. There were only 20 deaths. 

Over the past 60 years, the number of people who have been killed in commercial plane crashes has fallen to fewer than those who are killed in car accidents in the same three-month period. A more alarming statistic is that approximately 115 people are killed each day in car accidents. 

Safety improvements and safety improvements are constantly being made in the aviation industry. Global Positioning Systems (GPS) are now available on commercial aircraft. This allows pilots and crews to pinpoint their exact location wherever they may be. 

Because the Wide Area Augmentation System is so accurate, it can be used vertically to determine altitude and horizontally. To detect defective wiring and prevent dangerous conditions on aircraft, a new arc fault-breaker was developed. 

If you are anxious about flying and it is affecting your ability to travel, work, or vacation, please contact us. You might consider enrolling in a Fear of Flying Course. This course is designed to help you overcome your fears about flying. These programs are usually offered at local airports by qualified pilots, therapists, or other experts.