Your skin is always changing. New skin cells come from deeper layers of skin cells while older skin peeling. As we get older this process can be more difficult because the thick adhesive-like substance that keeps the cells together gets denser. 

New skin cells are not able to rise to the surface and dead skin cells and dirt trap oil in your skin. This can result in dull-looking skin, acne, rough, dry, oily, or dark patches. You can buy the best quality smooth skin scrub via online sources.

Exfoliation involves manually removing dead cells from the skin. This can be done in several methods. One way is with an abrasive substance or tool, another way is chemistry.

Exfoliating tools included loofahs, brushes, wash certain clothes that are designed to exfoliate as they clean. abrasive substance normally emollient with something rude added that will scrub off dead cells. 

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Some scrubs have the added bonus of an antioxidant, protecting your epidermis from free radicals (which can cause aging). Look for a scrub with Vitamin C, fruit enzymes, or jojoba beads. 

Some people may react to scrub harder as it is made from apricot or peanut shells because it can make sensitive skin inflamed. There is also the exfoliating mask that you apply to wet, dries, then you do it. 

Exfoliation is the result of the skin being smooth and soft. It helps to keep your face clean as self scrubbing dead skin cells to keep pores from clogging. Clogged pores can lead to whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples. 

The color of your skin becomes healthier and your skin tone becomes more even. Also after exfoliating, your skin absorbs moisturizers and other skin products more easily and in a newer layer of skin.