Few countries in the world offer a better standard of living that makes you, as a citizen, virtually immune to suffering for lack of basic amenities or the essentials of life. Not many countries can boast that they have successfully served almost all of their citizens. You can find the information british passport via documentuniverse.

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 A country with near-zero unemployment means most people who are out of work are barely doing so because they both want to be able and can't find work. In most cases they want to, but they can't; or worse, he still could, but he didn't want to. In such a situation, there is no need to classify them as true unemployed. 

England is one such country. No wonder immigration to the UK has steadily increased over the years. More and more people want to come to England for a better life. This prompted the British government to take serious steps to secure its borders. To give them more control over who enters and who leaves the country.

EU migration has made things worse; with EU migrants flooding the UK with hundreds of thousands of people behind the free movement enshrined in EU regulatory principles. The UK, feeling overwhelmed, rejected the system with a Brexit vote.