Divorce is a sensitive issue and will leave marks for life. The main purpose of divorce is breakdown of marriage completely. This can be a messy and time-consuming process if not handled properly. Choosing a divorce attorney to handle your family law is a very important decision.

Here are some important criteria to help you find the right divorce attorney.

Experience and focus

Any divorce attorney you consider should have extensively experienced. Experienced divorce lawyers know the trends of various judges in your jurisdiction and should be able to use this knowledge to their advantage.

Previous customer reviews

While divorce is never a pleasant process, some professional divorce attorneys are more successful at client-side satisfaction than others. While client confidentiality is important, any experienced divorce attorney should have at least a few past clients willing to vouch for it.


It is very important that your divorce attorney is available and quickly responds to your phone calls, emails, and meeting requests. While you can ask divorce attorneys about their office guidelines, this is another area where the best way to judge a divorce attorney is to listen to what previous clients have to say.


Do you feel comfortable working with this lawyer and are you confident in his abilities? If the answer is none other than yes, then you should keep looking.