For modern home owners there are several types of sinks, including pedestal, wall-mount, sinks, dishwashers, corner sinks, and vanities.

Base sink

Pedestal sinks are very popular in new and old homes. This type uses a base to support the pool and cover plumbing and drains. A pedestal sink is a practical and space-saving option due to its small footprint and easy installation. You can also buy rectangular undermount sink via KralSu Sink and Faucet Supplies.

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Sink plate

The dishwasher is a bowl-shaped sink which is the latest trend for modern bathrooms. The dishwasher is on the bathroom counter, not submerged in it. A high faucet or wall mounted faucet should be used with this excess sink. The dishwasher can be made of glass, ceramic, fireplace, copper, bronze or glass.

Wall-mounted sink

Wall-mounted washbasins are a great solution for small bathrooms because they are wall-mounted and don't require floor support. Utility lines and gutters are visible under the sink. Wall sinks are simple, economical and also available in corner designs. Usually consists of glass, ceramic, refractory brick or porcelain.

Washbasin and sink cubicle

Serving tubs and starter sinks are typically used with vanity units and are installed under the sink opening or simply lowered into the sink opening. Since these sinks are used with countertops, they offer plenty of room for toiletries. These sinks are usually made of glass, ceramic, fireplace, or porcelain, but sometimes come in unique copper, bronze, and glass options.