Are you considering whitening your teeth, but don't know if you want the hassle of applying small strips or a whitening product for weeks. Professional teeth whitening is a better option. Visit this website to look for a certified dentist who can restore the color of your teeth with permanent teeth whitening.

teeth whitening

Whether we like it or not, our smiles are what define us. People tend to view yellowing teeth negatively and it can affect your business and social life. According to a British Dental Journal study, whiter smiles scored higher in social competence and intellectual abilities. It's simple to make your smile more attractive with teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening removes stains by bleaching. The whitening agent used by dentists is hydrogen peroxide. It is extremely concentrated but very safe and efficient. You'll notice a dramatic transformation after teeth whitening treatment.

It can be difficult to use over-the-counter whitening products. One size fits all trays might not be suitable for your mouth. This could cause sensitive teeth and gums.

To protect your gums, a protective gel is applied before your professional whitening session starts. To avoid any damage to sensitive tissues, your cheeks and lips will be lifted with retractors.

Your success is dependent on your efforts. While you may notice a difference of three to eight shades in your teeth, it is likely that your smile will be duller if you continue to smoke, drink darkly colored beverages, or eat darkly colored foods. Your smile will stay whiter for longer if you limit or avoid these substances