In most states, with the lucky exception of Southern Florida and Southern California, pool use is seasonal. Each fall triggers the end of the pool season, which means people across the country have to start closing their pools.

By providing pool debris out of season, the cleaning time during pool opening tasks is reduced for the following season. Choosing a swimming pool covers to protect a pool from the harsh winters is an important part of pool closure.

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There are two main types of winter pool coverings: 1) tight vinyl covers and 2) netting covers. Solid vinyl covers are available in various grades with different thicknesses and a warranty coating is available. Net covers are usually available in standard quality.

Hard vinyl covers are usually heavy, depending on their thickness and size, and usually require two people to attach and remove. However, they do protect from dirt, sunlight, and water. Sun protection is very important because it prevents algae from growing in the pond. Water handling is good because it protects dirty water mixed with dirt on the top of the lid.

This lid forms a water bath at the top of the lid which must be drained. Equalizer airbags and submersible pumps are common accessories combined with a solid vinyl finish. Pillows make it easier to remove water and dirt.

When your pool water freezes, it is also compressed to reduce the pressure on the pool walls from ice expansion and to prevent the vinyl pool cover from freezing by lifting it out of the water. Submersible pumps are usually used to remove pool water from the pool roof.