Safety Benefits

People that are having double citizenship feel much more secure when traveling abroad. When you travel abroad, you can request assistance and advice from two consulates as you'll be the citizen of the two states.

If you're traveling in an area that doesn't have Italian authorities representation, then the ones that hold an EU passport have been permitted access to some embassies of all European Union member countries which could offer help for you. 

You also have the capacity to go to places where Americans aren't generally welcomed because you've got an Italian passport. Therefore if you want to grab all these benefits and want to get italian citizenship visit

italian citizenship by descent

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While holding EU citizenship, and travel inside any state in the EU, you're assured protection from The European Convention on Human Rights. 

The European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) is a group of guidelines and laws that protects the individual rights of individuals in nations that belong to the Council of Europe.

Home Purchasing Benefits

Whenever you have Italian double citizenship, then you can buy and rent land in the nation with much less difficulty. There's little to no bureaucracy in becoming a homeowner in Italy and it's far more complicated to buy land in Italy when you are from overseas. 

But when you've got Italian citizenship, then the purchasing process will be a lot smoother as it lessens the quantity of red tape involved.