It's not a secret that creating leads is the only way for a company to stay alive. In the end, it's the lead that is converted into a new client and is an income source. The majority of B2B firms employ a variety of methods, however, according to the study they believe that they aren't successful in achieving the outcome they want. In a survey of 200 medium to small-large businesses, three of the most used methods for lead generation include events marketing and email marketing, and content marketing. They were chosen as 78 73%, 78.3%, and 67% of the polled companies, respectively.

On average 70% of B2B businesses choose to spend money on content marketing based on it being the primary approach to lead generation advertising. Surprisingly, 95% of these said they were not content with the number of leads that are generated. There is a question that may pop up in your head that If these methods don't produce a satisfactory outcome, what else can be implemented? 

Lead Generation Companies

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To increase the number of leads and their quality, companies have decided to outsource the most important part of their plan to companies that generate leads. In this way, the companies are focusing on other factors to turn leads into customers. The lead generation services that are outsourced offer many advantages, a few of which are highlighted below.

  • Reduces costs
  • Reduces training for employees
  • Quality leads

According to a study that has been conducted, nearly 70% of companies have said that generating leads is the greatest challenge they face. The outsourcing business can reduce by 43% from the amount currently being used within the business. So, outsourcing the task to a third party can allow the company to concentrate on other areas of strategic importance to the business.