Just like human beings, animals also have nature to enjoy or play with. So, dog toys, enrichment toys like licking mats, and treat dispensers are specifically designed for dogs to play and interact with humans and other dogs. There are so many different types of dog toys in the market today. 

There are many different types of toys like rubber toys, nylon chew toys, treat and toy bundles, healthy dog treats toys. Dog owners have a wide variety of toys to choose from. You can also look for Jigsaw Design Emat Enrichment Licking Mat online through various web sources. 

Choosing dog lick pads that are stimulating, and durable for your dogs should be a top priority. Dog toys should be chosen for a dog's age, size, activity level, and style of play, not based on the toy's popularity or cuteness. Some dogs may enjoy wrestling on the floor with a squeaky toy or plush, while others may like to run after a frisbee or stick. Choose toys based on your dog's personality as well as for their health benefit.

There are endless options to spread on the lick mats. Here is some safe options that you can add to your pooch’s lick mats:

  • A healthy treats option.
  • Their current food.
  • Soft treats such as banana pieces, pumpkin, broccoli, watermelon, and blueberries. 
  • Make sure it does not include xylitol, as xylitol is a toxic ingredient that can cause a dog’s blood sugar to drop to a dangerous level
  • Pumpkin puree spread, low-fat yogurt, cream cheese, etc.