Earwax is a sticky substance in your ears. For most people, this is a hard substance that is yellowish in color and sometimes has a very strong odor. However, this substance is also the body's natural defense against foreign objects that enter the ear. 

However, there are times when the wax is produced in excess but the ear cannot automatically force it out. If this continues over time and you don't do anything about it, it can eventually lead to hearing loss, pain, irritation, and sometimes ringing in the ears. In this case, you need a safe wax removal procedure that you can do yourself.

There are many people who use sustainable cotton buds from https://lastobject.nz/lastswab to clean their ears. However, this is not a suitable method for removing wax from your ears. The reason is, instead of using a cotton bud to remove the wax, you are actually pressing the extra wax.

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One of the recommended safe methods for removing wax is to use a hot water bottle. Heat some water and pour it into a small bottle. Make sure it's not too hot then lie on it for a few minutes. After about five minutes, the wax should have melted and peeled off easily from the ear. Be sure to tilt your head at an angle large enough for the wax to flow.

It is also recommended to rinse your ears with a few drops of warm water that has been warmed to a normal body temperature. After the entire ear is rinsed, you can now wipe the wax on the outside of the ear. This process only works if the wax has not accumulated for a long time.