A pediatric dentist (a dentist who deals with children's dental problems) is the best person to talk to. In order to protect the dental health of your child, it is important that you contact the dentist early on.

It is highly recommended that you see a pediatric dentist six months after the first tooth has entered your baby's mouth. Teething is very difficult not only for children but also for parents. However, these problems usually go away within a day or two.

Visiting pediatric dentistry early in a child's life can show a variety of dental problems that can arise. You can see the early stages of tooth decay, which is often a big problem for children. Dental caries can be caused by a variety of problems; it's not just about eating sweet candy.

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Another important point in a visit to a pediatric dentist is the separation of the milk teeth. It starts around age five and lasts until age ten or eleven. Tooth extraction is very important for the growth of other healthy teeth. At the same time, straightening the teeth is a procedure that is best performed in childhood.

The treatments offered by pediatric dentists include preventive dental hygiene, including cleaning procedures, as well as dietary recommendations and initial assessments and treatments for the dental alignment and denture repair.