While modern technology certainly enhances business security programs, the human element is just as important. In addition, professional security officers provide an observational aspect that is essential for comprehensive security surveillance.

There are many companies that provide the reliable 24 hour security guard services in Sydney. It is important that you hire a reputed one for this job.

With that in mind, let's look at some aspects of deciding whether to hire a security guard for your premises:

When do you need security?

1. Complete access control system and monitoring of building internal/external activities:

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You may have a warehouse or facility that houses people, machinery, and valuables. With this significant investment in people and resources, you must protect them.

Unless you invest in a security camera per square meter of open space, which may be a hassle, your security protection may not be complete. That is why a security guard is important.

2. When CCTV requires real-time monitoring with the human eye:

Regular video surveillance provides an important visual record of activity that can be used for police investigations and legal proceedings.

Security guards can monitor video surveillance systems for attempted security breaches if they occur. They can then initiate proactive responses based on their best ratings and experiences.

When you are hiring a security guard you need to be very careful. It is better not to take any chances in this respect.