When it comes to selling a home, most people talk to local real estate agents first. This has the advantage of using their knowledge, experience and contacts in a specific area to market your home and real estate agent to advertise on a regular basis and have a marketing system.

The downside of realtors can be the cost, the number of homes they handle, and who can't judge how active they are with your property. But it is must to hire someone to put up property for sale.

Before you decide on a broker, talk to a few of your employees – ask anyone who wants to list your home what price you think they will get and how long it will take to get the results.

The more you talk to you, the better you will know what can actually be achieved, and the more you will know whether an agent is raising the price for your business or whether you are being showered by a friend with a low bid.

Look for agents who frequently work in your area. Sometimes the biggest dealer in town may not be the best match for you because they don't focus on the territory you want to sell. Think of the small, more knowledgeable agency in the area where you live.

Ask all potential agents if they keep a list of people looking for property. A good realtor must have a system that will meet inquiries from buyers with properties for sale. Ask in advance if anyone is looking for property in their book – a house like yours.