Abstract canvas wall art is popular today and you can see more homes displaying abstract paintings than other types of wall art. 

Abstract art uses visual communication in the form of color and lines. Abstract painters use the colors and strokes according to what the artist currently feels like using. 



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The era of abstract art

Painting styles like realism are restricted by strict traditional rules on how to execute brush strokes and how the final painting should appear. 

Painters were constrained to stick to this method of painting until the late 19th century when some artists broke loose from tradition. 

Many artists felt the need to create a new kind of art that would parallel new discoveries in science and technology.

Abstract canvas wall art became synonymous with terms like non-objective, non-representational art, and non-figurative art due to the lack of boundaries and restrictions. Artists became free to experiment with various painting styles.

By the 20th century, fauvism caught up with artists who wanted to use colors that were not quite realistic but were very expressive. 

Today's abstract canvas wall art and the artists who paint them are influenced by these past pioneers in abstract art.

When people look at abstract paintings, the colors and brush strokes are what viewers are attracted to. If you plan to buy abstract canvas wall art, get pieces that you feel a certain connection to. 

You can find many abstract paintings in different styles that will reflect your tastes and complement your home's design theme.