Ducts play an important role in heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. The majority of HVAC systems require the transfer of air in various directions, including the return, exhaust, and supply. 

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duct system

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Most heating or air conditioning duct systems require three processes: 

(1) Bringing air into the system to ensure appropriate conditioning

(2) Handling of the air in which cooling or heating can be added

(3) Delivery of air

In the majority of old HVAC duct systems furnace or air handler is the place where filtering occurs but in the present, HVAC professionals know that problems arise from how air is distributed, or the insufficient airflow between rooms. 

If you notice that your room is becoming hotter or colder than others, it could be because of poor design. In some cases, bad installation can be the reason for the inadequate cooling or heating of space, but it can be addressed with a properly designed zoning.

Pay attention to any sound whenever you feel any strain coming from the machine, take it as to be a sign of an issue or a problem. 

Of course, any issue can’t be detected in a single moment, so you continue to think that the HVAC unit is in good shape. Your energy bill or electric cost can inform you if you should have your HVAC system examined or not.