Here you can read some of the key factors for driving digital solutions for the next generation – from an advisory perspective to digital strategy.

Social data: One billion users on Facebook and half a billion on Twitter. So there is no denying that social networks are well established in digital marketing.

The number of users/audiences cannot be ignored. Hence, social media optimization will play an important role in the overall marketing budget in 2013. You can get professional digital strategy services in Melbourne at

The real challenge for marketers and PLOs is to justify the return on investment by realizing the value of social data, customer insights, and the conversations that social media channels generate.

Activities such as creating social media campaigns, building communities, creating collaborative content, creating blogs, and enabling social media features on a company website bring business benefits to the company, including generating referral traffic and increasing brand engagement.

In 2013, more social media solutions/monitoring tools/hearing aids are expected to be used to help companies measure the ROI and business value this initiative brings to the business.

Search: The last year we saw many search engines increase their search volume. We see most search clicks from organic links, not paid links.

This means that with more search queries, the volume of paid search clicks increases from year to year, which in turn means more money being invested in search ads.

Google, Yahoo, Bing are search engines. However, it is said that YouTube has become a very popular search engine – with over 800 million users per month.