Bariatric medical beds are mainly used in hospitals for inpatient bariatric patients as well as bedridden bariatric patients receiving medical care at home. These are beds specially designed for bariatric patients to assist them by supporting them and providing them with comfort and convenience during their recovery from surgery or illness.

The most common sizes in bariatric medical beds are 42, 48, 54, and 60 inches wide. The standard length of this bed varies from 80-84 inches. They are heavy steel-framed and electric beds. It can hold up to 1000 pounds.

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Bariatric beds are strong and available in different designs. They are mentioned below:

Fully electric bariatric bed: This type of bed is ideal for patients who are practically immobile. This type of bariatric bed is fully controlled with the help of remote control. So this is useful for patients who do not have a guard because the patient can control the movement of the bed.

Low bariatric bed: If the patient is mobile enough, a low bariatric bed is suitable for him.

There are bariatric mattresses for bariatric beds. This mattress has been specially developed for the patient. It is very different from a normal mattress because the bariatric mattress is specially developed for people who are overweight. This mattress is made of a very strong material.

They have a longer shelf life than normal mattresses for the person using them. It is mainly made of high-density foam which can withstand excess pressure all day long. You can regulate the patient's body pressure with the help of airbags.