Black tea is made from the same plant as our green, white, and oolong teas, but it's the most fermented, giving the leaves a darkish color.

It is still very popular as it can be found in tea bags, chilled in bottles, and used in summer to make iced tea. If you want to buy the best black tea, then you can search the web.

black tea

Black tea has many health benefits similar to green tea. Although green tea has been shown to be more effective than black tea, there are still some issues. Green tea is less processed, which allows for more antioxidant properties. This difference isn’t significant.

A University has found that black tea may help to prevent the growth of prostate, breast, and stomach tumors. This is due to TF-2, a compound in the tea. The compound causes cancer cells to "die", but normal cells remain unaffected.

A study found that drinking just three cups of black coffee per day could reduce your risk of developing heart disease. Black tea can be just as effective in reducing calories, cholesterol, eliminating free radicals, and even preventing tooth decay, like green tea. While black tea contains twice the caffeine of green tea, it has half the amount of caffeine as regular coffee.