If you are not a beginner to smoking cigars, there are a few cigar accessories that you must have. You will need a tobacco box, a cigar cutter and cigar lighter. Now you may be wondering what is a need for a cutter . 

There are three main types of cuts that cigar lovers love and can be done with several different cutters. There are guillotines that make great straight cuts. Other cuts that leave a straight cut are scissors. There is a wedge that cuts a small slit or V shape from the cigar lid. 

Moreover, a cigar cutter is a very good option, if you are looking for a cigar gift for your loved ones. There are two ways to decide which slicer to use. The first, and the most important, is which cut you like best.

cigar gifts

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If you've just started smoking cigars, you should try all of these cutters to see who you like the most. The next determining factor in using a cigar knife is the actual size, shape and style of the cigar you smoke. Of course, if you smoke torpedoes or pyramids, you will need to use a cutter or guillotine.

For smaller ring cigars, less than 48 rings, you may want to use straight or wedge guillotine. You can still use a guillotine or punch for cigars with a ring number between 48 and 54. You can use all of the above cutters for your larger cigars.