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Healthier Versions of Summer Cocktail Drinks Beloved by Many

A time when everyone starts worrying about the scorching summer heat, thinking about the end-of-year functions and entertainment enjoyed throughout the rather cold season. Now comes the lazy summer when we have no plans of working or even going out rather. We prefer being at home than outdoors. As we are at our house, it could well be the right time to consume beverages that are alcoholic or even non-alcoholic among friends and family.

As most of us know, there is nothing like a refreshing cocktail to signal the onset of summer. Even though the drinks seem to be extremely delicious, they are actually not very healthy. If you are no health freak, read no further. If yes, then here you can find out a way to enjoy the delicious summer cocktails without adding exorbitant amounts of calorie content to your daily diet. Here is the list of the best and healthiest drinks to enjoy this summer.

There are so many drinks available in the market such as vodka soda, pineapple hard seltzer beverage.

Fizzy Lemonade:

With its main ingredients being tequila and vodka, the cocktail drink is rather low in calories if not mixed with sweet and sugary syrup. Here, you can opt for a diet lemon soda and your cocktail is good to go.

Vodka soda:

Even though this one might not be the most colorful or exciting, it's certainly the most healthy one out there. Vodka is known to be a healthier spirit as compared to the rest of the alcohols. Mix it with soda and you have a thirst-quenching healthy glass of drink in your hand.


If you are willing to feel refreshed on a warm summer day, this summer drink is just the right one for you. But to take it from bad to fab, substitute the sugar syrup with natural honey. This way, you will get all the sweetness of a mojito but without the extra calories. As a bonus, you also get an added kick from the vitamins and nutrients in the lime.

Seltzer is the Healthiest Carbonated Alternative to Soda

We live in a world that consumes too much soda. Way too much of it, in fact. They say that soda contributes to so many negative medical conditions. There's obesity, as the empty calories from sugars in sodas offer no nutritional value and lead to weight gain as a result.

Even diet drinks are said to trick the brain into thinking they're getting something sweet, and many studies have revealed that drinking them doesn't offer too much of a difference from drinking the regular varieties. Then there are other conditions like diabetes. Experts say that rates have risen drastically during recent years, largely due to the increased consumption of soft drinks.

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How do we get around this? After all, we love the feeling of carbonated drinks. They feel refreshing and they genuinely act as an effective thirst quencher. Is there a viable alternative here? There is, and I'm going to recommend it to you. It may take a bit of getting used to in the long run, but your body will be much better off for it, as there are no detrimental effects to your health.

Try drinking seltzer, also referred to as club soda. You're still getting the bubbles that you get in your colas or other drinks, but you're getting none of the sugar and chemicals prevalent in so many of them. This is essentially water with some added carbonation, so you're hydrating your body in the process. Best of all, it's calorie-free so you won't need to worry about putting on pounds as a result.

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