CE tagging is needed for all new products subject to one or more European product safety directions. This is a sign that can be seen that product manufacturers certify compliance with all directions relating to this product.

Most new products launched on the European market are required to have a sign of CE. This includes "new" products in Europe, i.e. Used products outside Europe are first used in Europe or marketed, as well as existing products that have been modified in such a way that they are considered "new". You can consider the best CE marking certification to sell your products via bluedicesolutions.co.uk/ce-certification-cost/.

CE marking is the responsibility of the person who places the product on the market or operates it for the first time. According to the law, this is the responsibility of the responsible person, in many cases, it is a manufacturer or official (written) of the manufacturer, but also those who import products without CE signs in Europe, all consumers in Europe that buy products for making for use Own, and products that modify existing products in such a way that they have used must be considered a "new" product.

By affixing the CE sign, the person responsible is responsible for the suitability of the product. CE marking is a sign that is seen that a product adheres to all applicable product delivery laws, and its presence along with the declaration of conformity provides products as assumptions according to the relevant product safety direction. Products marked with CE have the right to circulate freely throughout the European market (EU and EEA).

In some cases, complete products can bear more than one sign of CE, for example, if the safety component placed in the market is used independently of each other (for example interrelated safety switches). Each of these components has its own CE sign and is declared compatible with the original component manufacturer. However, the main label of the machine must bear the complete sign of the machine along with other machine identification information and this CE sign must be associated with the information in the conformity declaration for the entire product.