Lawyers are highly skilled individuals charged with interpreting the law and presenting cases before courts that have the jurisdiction to hear and decide on these cases. Lawyers can be both solicitors or barristers in New Zealand. 

Their main roles include providing legal advice and counsel, drafting contracts and conveyancing, prosecuting and defending criminal suspects, and presenting oral arguments before courts. You can easily find the best lawyers in Hastings, Napier & Hawkes Bay, NZ Since 1874 at Carlile Dowling.

The Ministry of Justice regulates the behavior, code of conduct, and behavior of lawyers. It also supervises the licensing, regulation, and admission of lawyers. 

These institutions also give power to professional associations such as law societies to manage the conduct and behavior of lawyers. Although membership is voluntary, the New Zealand Law Society was established in 1869 by statute. 

The Law Society's purpose is to promote and assist the reformation in New Zealand law. It is responsible for regulating the activities of lawyers by issuing practice certificates and maintaining the registry of lawyers, creating and enforcement of practice rules.

The benefits for lawyers of joining the New Zealand Law Society include access to all the services previously mentioned and the chance to have a positive effect on the law that governs them. The code of practice leads to better customer service, which results in increased client retention and increased success in tenders.