Many rechargeable batteries can last any decade, with good care. The following are the simple ways to make your lithium-ion batteries last longer.

1. Use your battery often

All power equipment batteries deteriorate over time and lithium-ion batteries tend to deteriorate more rapidly over a period of un-use. Accordingly, use them frequently so that when you are not within the trenches of the project; use them at least once every month. You can also look at this site to buy li-ion batteries.

2. Do not discharge your battery completely

Typically, it is best to charge your lithium-ion batteries before they come under 20% fullness or right after you notice a loss in the performance of your device. Do not let them dissipate completely or they will be good enough to hold the paper only.

3. Charge Your Batteries Frequently

Frequent charging is perfect for lithium-ion batteries. Accordingly, go ahead and charge them even if they are slightly less. You can also "top-off" your battery by turning off your battery on (or by switching on) the charger for a few minutes each month. Although you do not need to fully charge the Li-ion batteries, provide them a little juice while the dormant will keep them feeling good and powerful.

And that's about it; not very difficult, is it? So, although lithium-ion batteries can keep us on our toes, using these few simple practices can help you keeps your battery performing at its peak for longer. Honor your stuff and in return, you will enjoy a really good result.