Buying drugs online is the fastest growing trend and is becoming increasingly popular. However, medicines are not ordinary consumer goods and you should be extra careful when buying them.

Here we take a look at some of the issues associated with buying online and give you tips on how to keep your family safe from receiving counterfeit and dangerous drugs.

These days, many Indian pharmacies are offering real and safe medicines online. However, you need to check all relevant details before ordering. You can also contact supplement stores at

Prescription drugs should only be taken after consulting a related doctor who knows your medical history and who will not prescribe drugs that may be dangerous to you.

Online medicines are given by trained pharmacists. Buying medicines online in India is aimed at providing safe, reliable and affordable medicines in a convenient way.

Many online pharmacies also offer special discounts and refund offers from time to time.

Although taking drugs online has made our life easier, there may be a drawback as some online pharmacies offer drugs that are not genuine and may contain counterfeit drugs.

So, ensure your safety by purchasing medicines from the following licensed pharmacies with blue and red stamps on the VIPPS (NABP Verified Online Pharmacy) website.