We believe in properly caring for your watch. Sometimes, this means investing in your investment. A watch winder is a must-have tool if you don't like wearing a watch every day, or if you have multiple watches that require you to use different wrist times. The best way to ensure your watch's accuracy is to use a quality watch winder that operates in the correct setting.

Change of direction

Also, you will need to adjust the direction of your watch's turning. Bi-directional watches are possible with most watches. This is obvious enough. A bi-directional watch winder means the watch will turn in a different direction every time it cycles on. Most watches work well with a bi-directional winding device. Some watches may have different specifications such as clockwise or counterclockwise. All three settings are available in a good watch winder.

 watch winder

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Start winding

Once you have set the TPD and turned direction, turn the winder on. You should check your watch every day for accuracy over the next few days. You may have to adjust the TPD (or direction) if your watch does not keep accurate time. You may need to have your watch checked by a watchmaker who is experienced in making time adjustments.

Watches with Power Reserves

Many luxury watches come with a built-in battery that allows the watch to run for a certain amount of time even when it's not in use. This is something a good watch winder will remember. You can set a delay to start a watch you have just worn.