The Ford Everest Nudge Bar is a new safety feature for 2017 models of the Ford Expedition. The nudge bar uses sensors to detect when a vehicle is in danger of rolling over and applies pressure to the driver's seat to help keep them in control. 

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Why you should use a Nudge Bar for your Ford Explorer

If you own a Ford Explorer, there is a good chance that you use the Nudge Bar to adjust your suspension. The Nudge Bar is an essential part of the Explorer suspension system and should be maintained and replaced as needed. 

Here are some benefits of using a Nudge Bar:  

-Keeps your Explorer's suspension system in optimum condition 

-Increases driver control over the vehicle

What are the benefits of using a nudge bar?

Nudge bars are bars that have been designed to improve driver safety and efficiency. They use a variety of sensors and algorithms to detect if the driver is drifting off course and then apply gentle nudges in the direction of the desired course. 

There are many benefits to using an nudge bar, including: 

-Reduced fatigue and improved safety.

-Reduced chances of getting lost or getting into an accident.

-Improved fuel efficiency.