There is a very high demand for Chemistry in Singapore. Chemistry education is very important for a promising career. Many parents feel the necessity to retain a chemistry tutor for their child. There are many online service providers like Simply Chemistry who provide experienced chemistry teachers for your child's weak chemistry concepts. 

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The qualities that a teacher must have:

Good quality chemistry teacher

A good chemistry tutor must have strong specific knowledge and have a bachelor's or master's degree in chemistry. Clarity is needed to explain the concept of the subject.

The chemistry tutor should also have experience teaching A level and O level chemistry. Ideally, he should have sufficient experience to use the knowledge of his students. 

The various levels at which chemistry is taught in Singapore

Secondary chemistry and IGCSE chemistry

  • IB chemistry is great because it is accepted worldwide.

  • Chemistry at the chemical level consisting of H1, H2 and H3.

  • Higher-level chemistry associated with polytechnics is taught at the university level.

Chemistry teacher in Singapore

Most of the adequate chemistry teachers in Singapore have a bachelor's degree in chemistry which is said to be the minimum qualification to become a teacher.

This is usually observed in Singapore as an average student studying at home. In Singapore, it is very common for students to study and this is sometimes referred to as the "country of study".

The concept of homeschooling in Singapore is growing very rapidly from today. The amount parents spend on the education of their children each year is alarming and is growing. The homeschooling program in Singapore is specifically designed to help slow learners as well as help students who want to achieve higher learning goals.