When people hear the word "catering," the first thing that comes to their mind is an individual or a company that provides the food for different occasions such as wedding receptions and parties. However, catering covers a wide range of people who are in the food business, including those that sell food in parks and other public places via a "catering" truck.

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From Chuck Wagons to Pushcarts: The History of the Food Truck - HISTORY

Types of catering trucks

There are two types of catering trucks; one of these types is the Mobile Food Preparation Vehicle (MFPV), where food can be prepared as customers order. Usually, these catering trucks offer various types of sandwiches and other food that can easily be prepared. These trucks are usually driven by a driver and are staffed with a cook.

The other type is the Industrial Catering Vehicle (ICV), which are trucks that sell only pre-packaged food. Usually, these trucks are only staffed with a driver given that it is a self-service vehicle. However, some operators of these trucks also provide another person, who can help customers.

Cost and insurance

The usual price of these kinds of trucks ranges from $50,000 to $100,000 depending on the equipment that is installed on the vehicle. Given the high costs of these trucks, operators and owners of these trucks need to protect their investment through insurance, which is now available from a number of insurance companies.