Many companies around the world use office partitions. They provide privacy for employees, as well as a quick and easy way to modify the workspace to accommodate future expansion. They are also less expensive compared to creating permanent walls. 

There are modern partitions that can be purchased and installed in no time and can last longer. Office partitions come in a variety of styles, including glass partitions as well as portable partitions. The former adds more light to the workspace and the latter is able to be altered or moved with the flick of an eye.

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Floor to ceiling partitions

These dividers are used in many offices to divide workspaces. They are sometimes called "full height" partitions, but they do not actually completely enclose workers or impede visibility into the office. 

They are mainly made of metal and the frame is covered with fabric. Floor-to-ceiling partitions can be rearranged, moved from one location to another, or removed entirely without any problem.

Glass partitions

Glass partitions are another type of office partition. These partitions are usually made of glass and aluminum with a frame, and sometimes without. Glass partitions come in half or full height panels, and venetian blinds are usually installed to offer some form of privacy to a work space. 

Glass partitions help reduce noise and also allow light to flow throughout the workspace. Glass partition prices vary based on framing, type of glass, as well as other desired options.