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Whether it’s for fun or serious work, flying a drone is always a joyous experience. The drone industry is popular due to the existence of flying enthusiasts. No matter how good the drone pilot is, mistakes are bound to happen from time to time. In order to ensure you don’t make any form of silly mistakes, consider these tips.

  1. Pay Attention – One of the first things drone pilots do is to learn to fly in a simulator. The problem of flying in simulation is that it's easy and often don’t need to worry about crashing the drone. In real-time, one can easily get distracted regardless of the reason. Therefore, always pay attention while flying.
  2. Keep Additional Batteries – Drone batteries do not last long enough similar to DSLRs. If you require a longer duration to shoot videos or photos, then you need to carry additional batteries instead of just one.
  3. Ensure to Change the Correct Settings for FPS – 24fps is one of the best settings to shoot cinematic videos. Another option is 30fps to get smoother footage.
  4. Be Aware of Electronic Magnetic Interferences – If you are close to electromagnetic interference, the drone is bound to lose its signal. Moreover, the presence of such interferences means the drone cannot stay stable leading to accidents. It is important to check and measure the K-index for your drone to stay stable and also safe at the time of flying.

With these tips, you are bound to have a great flying experience. In Perth, drone services are available if you wish to hire a professional for your video or photo-related project.