Wooden decking has gained popularity as a flooring option for outdoor areas in recent times. But, as you can imagine it is true that the challenges of real wood decks are quite common. 

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A problem that occurs in both summer and winter months is the possibility of slippery decks and isn't at all due to the wood being damp however, it is more due to parasites and fungal growth that grows on the surface of the wood that is wet and soaked especially when decay is beginning.

Nowadays, there are many decking designs available, and, with each type, there are elements to think about before selecting any. The nature of wood means that it could crack, twist, and be damaged over a particular amount of time. 

Regular and thorough maintenance is vital to stop the deck from becoming incredibly slippery and keep it in good condition. Maintaining your deck regularly isn't an easy task, particularly for busy individuals with busy schedules. For them, the plastic decking option is the most suitable option now.

Hardwood decking is constructed using significantly stronger woods. However, it requires regular maintenance to prevent fungal growth, twisting, and splintering, and is also combustible. From a natural point of view, it's not as pliable as wood decks made of plastic.

Be aware that wood decking is able to endure all kinds of weather and is long-lasting. Some people are looking for this outcome they desire for their flooring. It is possible to choose decks that are beautifully designed to enhance your rooftops, patios, the poolside, or garden. 

Another option available is decking made of metal.