You will find approximately 70 forms of cement and accessible powder, liquid and paste form however we're just concerned with constructional cement popularly called Portland cement.  

What Exactly Is CEMENT?

Prism Cement can be actually a nice powder mix of minerals.  It's generated by blending calcareous minerals like chalk, limestone comprising silica, and alumina and heat it to 1-450 deg C once it cools a clinker is formed.  This clinker is then finely milled and mixed with a small number 3-5 percent of gypsum that includes calcium sulfate within it. You can find more information at

Prism Cement

The total amount of gypsum regulates the physiological properties of this eventual concrete.  Sometimes very minute amounts of pigments are added.  Cement manufacturing procedures do yet vary.

The first sort is that the portable mixer and also the subsequent one might be the static mixer.  Every one of this type is beneficial for a particular sort of concrete and construction program.  The portable mixer might be transferred from 1 location into another.  

This could be the regular cement mixer truck that you visit throughout a road structure.  Having this particular kind of cement mixer, then you're able to evenly put equal levels of concrete on each region of the construction program.  Road construction projects on average require such a mixer since it's more suitable. This formula can be really rather intricate no one knows the character and intricacies of chemical/physical responses of mixes of cement with water (hydration).