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Commercial Case Cleaning Help You Avoid Refrigeration Repairs

When you own a restaurant, one of your biggest resources is your refrigeration equipment, but that equipment is also the source of restaurant fridge repairs that can get in your way.

In fact, there are a number of problems that can arise with your refrigeration equipment, if not serviced regularly. You can also look for the best refrigeration case washing service through various online sources.

One of the more common problems with refrigerators if not maintained regularly is clogged drainage.

Many refrigerator systems have drains to remove excess condensation that builds up in the system.

Waste such as food scraps can build up in these drains over time and cause a clog unless they are daily cleaned out, which can lead to damaging condensation build-up inside your equipment.

There are several reasons why a case cleaning service can help you reduce the number of repairs your restaurant will need.

Here are some of the reason why you need a case cleaning service:

-Blow the drains on your cooling equipment before they get clogged

-Replace or repair the damaged motor or fan blades

-Carefully inspect your entire cooling system for leaks

With these compelling reasons, it's easy to see how a case cleaning service can provide you with some of the preventive maintenance you need to reduce the number of refrigerator repairs your restaurant will need.

How To Conserve Energy By Cleaning Your Refrigerator’s Coils

Your fridge is one of the largest energy customers in your home. This is not just an appliance that you turn on and off every time. The plug is continually glued to the power socket.

But by simply cleaning the refrigerators coil, you can lessen energy consumption. The coils disperse heat coming from the fridge. But if dirt has accumulated in the coils, the machine will not do the job as efficiently as it should.  More information about refrigeration cleaning is also available at Pentium ltd.

refrigeration case cleaning

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Here are some steps you can follow when cleaning the coils:

Step 1: Locate the coils. Ordinarily, these are located at the rear portion of the machine. Most of the older versions of refrigerators have coils located at the trunk. 

Step 2: If the coil includes a cover plate, remove it first by detaching the spring clips. It is based upon the model and brand of refrigerator you're using. Other protection plates are secured with screws. It is possible to use a screwdriver to remove the screws.

Step 3: Obtain your vacuum cleaner. Most vacuum cleaners include narrow attachments contained. Use this to get rid of the dust and cobwebs which have been collected on the coils. You might also utilize a soft-bristled brush to clean it correctly.

Step 4: If oil and dirt have been collected in the coils, then use dishwashing liquid and warm water to wash it out. Dissolve dishwashing liquid in warm water then use clean cloth to get rid of the oil development. Dry it up by wiping it with a sterile cloth.

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