An excellent way to organize an event for wine tasting is to incorporate it into the option of a dinner with wine. It's not an excellent idea to make this happen in a large group. 

An evening of wine and food tastings is an excellent idea. You can also find the best winery through

How do you determine which wine to pair with what foods? 

There aren't any definitive rules or guidelines however, as you dive immersed in more and more drinking wine, it's likely that you'll discover that certain food items work better with specific wines. 

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It is a general rule that lighter foods like seafood and fish, as well as chicken, Asian foods, go better with white wines. 

Foods that are heavier, such as lamb and beef are best paired when paired with red wine. If you want to have a dessert after-dinner dessert, you could serve either dessert or cheese and dessert wines.

If you're looking to kick your meal in the form of appetizers consider serving oysters with sauvignon blanc or Chardonnay. If you're looking for a second course, If you'd like to stick in the tradition of sauvignon blanc, opt for grilled fish or noodles served with cream sauce. 

Note how the wine was chosen was a fresh, refreshing, fruity wine. You will pair it with light meals. White wines can also go perfectly with soft cheeses.

If however, you wish to switch to red wines, then you could decide that your next meal should be a pasta dish with red sauce, and then pair it with a dish of beef. 

If you want to go toward dessert after the wine tasting dinner you have three options. There's nothing to say that white wines do not pair well with dessert.