Single-speed cycling is fun, especially if you're doing it with friends and you're going to new places. While some do it for leisure, others like to use it as exercise.

It is a good cardiovascular exercise that will keep your body fit and allow your system to function normally. To help you out and keep you safe from accidents, here are some tips to keep these things running safely:

• Before going out on the roads, you should understand how important it is to wear safety gear. Look for helmets and pads that will protect your head and hands. You have to understand that this activity requires you to maintain your balance, and sometimes you will encounter minor accidents. It's good to take proper precautions so that you don't get hurt. You can buy a single-speed bike fixie by browsing online.

• If you are going on the road, make sure you are familiar with basic road signs. Position yourself on a single-speed cycle lane, or where it is safe for you to drive. You also have to be alert when you turn, so throw a small wave to the side – that way, the bigger cars will know what you want to do.

• When assembling your bike, make sure the spare parts are suitable for the roads. You want to make sure it can handle any pressure you put on it. It would help if you could get your tires inspected before going out, it would prevent flat tires or any other problems while on the road.

• In addition to road signs, you should also be aware of minor warnings around you. If the road is slippery or debris is falling from the top of buildings, there are usually signs warning people. So, make sure you are always aware and keep your eyes open so that you can keep an eye on such things.

Riding a fixed-gear bike is a great hobby. However, you have to familiarize yourself with the rules of riding, so that you can avoid any problems and accidents. The tips listed above may help you, so make sure you read it thoroughly and that you really understand it. Always be careful with your actions, and always make wise decisions, so that you don't get hurt and your life is not at risk!