Scoliosis can occur in patients with severe osteoarthritis. It's a spinal curvature, as seen from the back or front of the patient with it. The spine is not straight, but instead of being straight, it assumes an's' or "I'm" shape. Curves are measured in degrees…

Scoliosis refers to an abnormal curve of the spine that is not symmetrical. Normal spine curves will run from the front to the back. To get treated for this condition you can opt for Honolulu spine surgery center via

Normal spines will look straight when viewed from the back. A spine with scoliosis, when viewed from the rear, will appear curving to one or both sides. The condition can also lead to the rotation of individual vertebrae in the spine.

The normal spine appears straight when seen from the side. A spine with scoliosis can show evidence of lateral or sideways shape and rotation of the vertebrae, providing the impression that the person is bending towards one side. A curvature of the spine that is more than 10 degrees on x-rays is called scoliosis.

Patients with the following conditions are recommended to have a back brace:

A curve measuring 25-40 degrees.

Patients who are still skeletally immature have a lot of growth left.

Orthotic treatment (a back brace) is used to prevent the progression of idiopathic Scoliosis. Bracing doesn't usually reduce the severity of the curve or the amount of angulation. Scoliosis can be mistaken for poor posture.